Chair of Volunteering 2019 - Todd Chappel

As the new Chair of Volunteering, I am excited to continue being a part of
Conexion Next and to see the ways we can positively impact our community over the
coming year. When I moved to Nashville a few years ago from Bowling Green, KY, I
started to get to know the city the best way I knew how: through the food scene! While
that has and continues to be an amazing experience of the city, I knew there was more
to uncover. I saw volunteering as a way to do this and one of my first opportunities was
at the LP PENCIL Box where I assisted teachers as they shopped for free school
supplies. Along with a few other experiences, volunteering revealed that Nashville is full
of incredible philanthropic organizations, a fact I was unaware of previously. Since then,
giving back and helping others has become a regular passion both at work and in my
free time. When it’s time to relax, I’m always up for exploring a new restaurant or two
and as a native Kentuckian, it would be shameful not to enjoy good bourbon! I look
forward to the coming year with all of you!